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    Family Camp

    Family Camp

    Taking adventurous program together will strengthen the bond among family members or friends. Pick some adventure activities and experiencing the most memorable holiday ever.

    from Rp529,000.00

      Bukit Bambu Cottages


      Feel a remote village atmosphere while you are there. Our cottages are made from bamboo with open air dining room, bathroom and toilet inside. Sleep the night away as the…

      from Rp250,000.00

        Nusa Deluxe Cottages


        Hear the sound of the Citarik river while resting in the cottage along the riverside. Type of the cottage is like Baduy granary, a traditional Sundanese ethnic groups which equipped…

        from Rp275,000.00

          Camping Ground


          This is just a perfect place to end your all-natural day. Back to nature is indeed the key to all our facilities here. Tent with mattress and simple pillow are…

          from Rp200,000.00