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We have a unique way of meeting your adventurous expectations!

Rebounding Team Package

Engagement is challenging when everyone is working from home. Find a perfect place at Arus Liar to rebound with your team.  

Weekend Gateaway

Fill your weekend with adventure activities which will refresh your Body. Mind and Soul. Rafting and Paintball will pump your adrenaline and push your positive energy back. Stay in our traditional cottages for a perfect taster of nature.

Geo Adventure Plus

Enjoying the magnificent view of Unesco Geopark Cileteuh,  one of the few remaining true paradises in West Java. Some amazing waterfalls are easily reach on foot. You will feel like you have entered an entirely different world.

Relaxing Staycation

Perfect place to run away from your routine. Stay in Bamboo Traditional Cottages with green paddy field view as the terrace, swim with mountain pictures and just relax and take pictures.

Two Hours Rafting

River rafting with us has always been an unforgettable experience. Completing these pleasures is the exhilaration of riding through rapids and feeling the splashes of water on the pores of your skins. So leave your worries to us and concentrate in the thrills and the rushes of your adrenaline.

Digital Nomad

It is a chance to isolate you from the hustle and bustle of the city and get closer to the comfort of nature. Breathe fresher air and see that only greens and greens that surround you.


 Definitely not an everyday routine!

Family Camp

The 2 or 3 days family bonding program that designated to interact among the family members or with each other groups. This program also have purpose to bring all family member to see and learn how the daily life of village people and bring them to go outside their boundaries

Rope Course

Postman Walk, Elvis Walk, Balance Beam and Flying Fox are the series of famous ropes course activities that will confront your personal fears and anxieties. Do it one first, and focus on your next challenge with confidence.

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    Engage the nature and locals


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