The principle change what participants perceived by way of re-energizing something entertaining and every activity-oriented fun activities that will positively.

Product :

Outing & Gathering
The series of activities designed to meet the needs of the company, agencies, families and others that are tailored to meet the needs of refreshment     and performed at the agreed location.


Change the way of thinking by increasing self awareness and increase knowledge.

Product :

  • My inspiration
    Debriefing the basics of business by using the game approach, classroom activities, research products and sales presentations.
  • Eco-ducation
    Simulates program to raise awareness on environmental conservation to approach the game, and environment community service through the go green campaign.
  • Adventure Education
    Adventure activities with briefing materials and skills needed to survive in the wild and social concern for the local culture and environment.


Self-development program with a focus on behavior change become more positive through the enhancement of skills, knowledge and attitudes in performing functional roles.

Product :

  • Personal development
    ​Increased ability adaptability, initiative, the target orientation, communication, self-confidence and stress tolerance.
  • Team development
    Improving the ability to form a solid team includes communication, relationship building, interpersonal understanding, planning and organizing.
  • Leadership
    Improving the ability to lead ourselves and effective team, including risk analysis, risk-taking, interpersonal understanding, decision making, leadership and team decisiveness.


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