Human resources as the main asset of success in meeting the organization's vision and mission become the principal basis Arus Liar to meet the needs of development with the advanced approaches that meet the elements of affective, cognitive and psychomotor of participants consisted of children, teenagers and adult.

The program is a series of experiential activities that are managed in a structured, using experiences as the basis of the method used to produce a change for participants.

Using the concept of structured experience, directed participants to be able to face the challenges and define, discover and explore the potential of self and team, develop it in the future, so it could be more open, positive thinking, to spend his best and could change obstacles into opportunities.

Need -based program analysis:

Each program is designed and implemented suit the needs of clients consisting of a segment of the children, adolescents and adults with backgrounds from academia, agencies and companies to prioritize comfort, safety and quality.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Improving proactive behavior
  • Common perception in the vision and mission of the organization
  • Sharpen the potential of individuals and organizations
  • Minimize conflict
  • Improving interpersonal tolerance and empathy
  • Encouraging positive paradigm shift
  • Increasing productivity

More about Experiential Programs

  1. Method
  2. Program type
    1. Recreation Program
    2. Education Program
    3. Development Program

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