" THE COMPANY - Arus Liar

PT Lintas Jeram Nusantara is an adventure tourism operator, specialised in rafting and outdoor management training packages. Founded in 1995 by people who have been involved in adventure activities for many years, with brand Arus Liar (means: Wild Water), we aim to develop a sustainable ‘One Stop Adventure’ destination that provide best services to customers.

The company’s priority is to operate with Safety and comfort for our customers. Services offered include Rafting, Paintball/War game, Off Road/Jeep Tour, Corporate Experiential Programs, Trekking, Cycling, Family or Students Camps and also accommodation in traditional cottages by the river or tents in our camping ground. Some of the adventure programs are also suitable for children. We can also provide special programs tailored to your company or family or individual needs.

Our camp is conducted in Citarik River, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. We also offer a modest but unique accommodation of traditional bamboo hut cottages located in an ‘island’ in the middle of the Citarik River.

Innovation is also our priority, and hence we have created unique programs such as a memorable night rafting package, “Lari Lumpur” Trail Run and various product launching programs tailored according to customer requirements. The innovation is not only for our products, but also for the safety procedure which is our first and foremost priority. All trips are covered by radio communication and rescue team with first aid competence.

We want Arus Liar to become a sustainable company, therefore we do our Corporate Social Responsibility. We are running the business base on ISO 26000 Guidance. Our CSR initiatives are pro active to environments, economics and socials program (see page Our CSR Initiatives) and also support for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

After Covid-19 outbreak, we start again with new protocol which focus more to Sanitation, Health, Safety and Environment. We are comply with Cleanliness, Health Safety and Environment Sustainability (CHSE) Certification from government. We do care about all of our stakeholders; customers, team (people), shareholders and community.